пятница, 17 марта 2006 г.


Письмо, которое я разослал при увольнении из своей первой американской компании:

Dear team,

I am leaving for new opportunity. Frankly said, the traditional interview question “Why do you want to change your job?” was the most difficult one to ask, because I really enjoyed working with the company and didn't have any issues with employees or management. However, I was offered a senior-level position, which is more related to my banking and Oracle background. I believe I will be able to produce more value in that company.

I really appreciate your trust and support. Please join me on Friday to taste a farewell cake.

I'd like to share my impressions about several persons, who are well-known for me. Actually, all the team is perfect. I am sorry, what I haven't enough time to mention everybody and describe every personal feature.

Sam likes new challenges, because they give him an opportunity to study something new. He is a sociable and ready-to-help person.

Phillip successfully combines technical and managerial skills, which is very rare and valuable combination. It was so easy to work under his supervision. He guided me, but at the same time granted me enough freedom and didn't press too much.

David is die-hard .NET monster, who has enormous productivity and who never lose heart. He can be credited by his love to fine art, which is unusual for a tech guy. David's concern is not only images and colors, but also internal code beauty.

Ying is a workaholic, friendly and dependable worker. He could study hard and solve virtually any problem. Ships and ATFP projects are moving him to a new level of proficiency.

Louis is the most democratic executive I've ever seen. He has a good sense of humor.

Mickey is calm and wise manager. He is open to discussion and sharing his ideas with the team.

Jeff is a source of good mood.

Steve, Scott and Jared have a lot in common: explosive energy, cheerfulness and confidence. These guys immediately recognize sales opportunities in new software features.

Steve has ability to set up very closely, if not friendly relations with clients. Jokes help him to sell better.

Ron is a perfect mentor. I'll never forget the expression "What is the correct way? My way!"

Pyper was the very first person who managed to pronounce my name. It's not easy for native English speaker, so later I got used to new name Val.

Luis used to pass by and ask me and Ying “How are you?” The point is he was really interested how we are.

At my first day here, I was confused of all the necessary paperwork. In fact, it was piece a cake, thanks to Lee.

And I'd like to say special thanks to David, who gave me that chance to work for the company. You know, it's a big challenge for an alien to find a first job in the US.

Feel free to contact me, if you need any help. Good luck for you, guys!

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